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Gelenk nahrung

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Gelenk nahrung

Hydrolyzed collagen with gelatine for joints

  • Reduces joint pain
  • Stimulates production of synovial fluid
  • Improves the condition of joints, tendons, bones and skin


Gelenk Nahrung is a mixture of hydrolyzed collagen and gelatine that helps to improve the joint, tendon and bone condition of athletes under high physical loads. Gelenk Nahrung is also useful for other processes in the body that require the combination of collagen and gelatine such as hair, nail and skin development. Gelenk Nahrung promotes cartilage metabolism. The best results are obtained in combination with targeted exercises for joints. In that case the joints, tendons and ligaments need for rehabilitation is elevated.


Hydrolyzed Collagen is a mprotein easily absorbable by the body: more than 50% of the proteins in the body are collagenic. This joint supplements ingredients are biologically similar to human cartilage, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules ingredients.


Hydrolyzed collagens beneficial effects on joints, bones and skin health has been demonstrated in many studies:

Administrating hydrolyzed collagen with vitamin C and glucosamine orally 5g daily for six weeks improved the test subjects´ dry and rough skin by becoming more elastic and smooth.

Hydrolyzed collagens effect on joints is the most studied. Studies have shown that a daily dose of 10g a day reduces joint pain, users with severe symptoms experienced a greater effect. Hydrolyzed collagen is collected into articular cartilage where it stimulates the production of joint fluid.

Using 10g of hydrolyzed collagen a day, for 4 to 24 weeks will help to increase bone density by stimulating the work of bone building cells.

Gelenk Nahrung is no prescription drug, but a mixture of nutrients from the connective tissues proteins(gelatine and hydrolyzed collagen).


To whom?

For tendon, joint, hair, nails and skin support Recommended to athletes under big physical stress. Especially recommended to mountain skiiers, tennis players, various sports that involve jumping, running and put a lot of pressure on joints.




Once daily before breakfast 1 slightly stacked tablespoon (7-10 g) dissolved in cool water (about 200 ml),may be flavoured if desired, drink immediately. Can be consumed in muesli or yoghurt. Joint supplements should be taken at least 3-7 months and not to be stopped at the appearance of first positive results: the joints metabolism and blood circulation is much slower than that of the intenstinal organs.



gelatin, collagen protein hydrolysates, aroma, sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame, dyes riboflavin and carotene.



raspberry, pineapple, cherry, orange, peach


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